Still Americare’s #1 Product and Most Effective HGH Therapy Spray Today…

Americare Health and Nutrition’s flagship product is the Ameritropin Homeopathic Therapy Spray which is comprised of 191 Trace Amino Acids and promotes getting your HGH levels up. Americare seems to have one of the few sprays that is comprised of the entire chain of 191 trace amino acids, so where others claim to be… Americare Health is the REAL DEAL!!!

Americare Health and Nutrition, Inc. are the manufacturers and distributors and have over 50,000 clients in a nationwide market and have been in business for going on 12 years now. They are proud to continue to add into their product line, Americare’s Liquid Oxygen and they will continue to market and roll out new products as they see a need for it.

Mario Gonzalez is the genius behind Americare Health and Nutritions’ success over the past 12 years, with products such as the Americare Superfruits, Americare Multibetic Vitamin, Americare Silver, Americare Hoodia, and now Americare Liquid Oxygen… there is no limit as to what this man is capable of doing next to get people living a healthier lifestyle, the natural way. To say the least, he has been featured on ABC’s The Morning Blend in Las Vegas, Nevada. Has received many prestigious awards for his community work, and still is able to remain humble through it all.

We look forward to seeing what the future holds for Americare Health and Nutrition, Inc.


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